Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Prince Charming

I have searched hundreds of faces looking for you.
I have been to too many places but where are you?
In my heart I have carried a love too strong;
for the one man in whose arms I belong.
I once gave up … forgive my despair;
Ups and downs … my heart I did impair.
My wounds have healed;
My heart is no longer sealed.
Come into my life for I am ready.
Don’t let go … trust me I am ready.
I will close my eyes and count to three;
I will open my heart and set you free.
If you are really mine you will come back to me;
or I will know that we were never meant to be.

Dear Prince Charming,

You had better be a prince
and you had better be charming
for I have no more tolerance for thugs and rogues.
I know that I am demanding
I know that I am picky
but I promise to make it worth your while.
Have me …
If only you knew the love I am aching to give you.
Have me …
for the first time I am willing to give all of me.
Have me …
make me yours for I will be forever yours.

Marwa Rakha